My blood is Radioactive

"Whoever said orange was the new pink was seriously disturbed"

Glasgow, Scotland

I cannot hold it, I cannot control it

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The Saturdays took the stage of Loose Women to perform their latest single, “Not Giving Up”. The ladies looked stunning in black and white outfits, as they appeared executing the routine perfectly and not missing a single step out of their place. They sounded pretty good, but it’s pretty messy that they’re singing live with such a loud backing track kicking in at bits. Check out their performance.

Urgh The Saturdays just seem so old hat to me. The whole in sync choreography and the heavy backing track is so dated now. Also what’s with them performing a rousing dance number on a DAY TIME TALK SHOW.. Cause that’s totally going to hit their target audience. They need new management. 

Such a basic girl band. 

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Britney + Faceless

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ah yes what a piece of art


ah yes what a piece of art

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